Choose your mode delivery prefer economic see price of mail:, take precedence, see price position: an invoice generates all TTC to pay to validate your order.Delivery:Your delivery may be free from an amount of purchase determined by the administration of the site (following what is mentioned at the time of ordering), but remains a commercial gesture and not an obligation.Your site: bio-Italian - can deliver your products ordered on the Switzerland.

Shipments: Upon receipt of payment your order will be validated and the team of your site: bio-Italian - begins its preparation for the registered at the post office in tomorrow morning.

The delivery will be made by the <Poste suisse="">.

Delivery time: delivery time will be determined depending on your choice of delivery economic or priority:

Economic delivery: 2 to 3 working days after the installation of the package in the mail.

Priority delivery: 1 day: the package posed in the post today it will be delivered tomorrow.

Packaging: the packaging suitable for the products shipped is available and included in the price, like for example iso bags for fresh products and cartons packed by experts from shipping to ensure an intact of the ordered products arrival.</Poste>